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Picking a technology can often come down to a series of tough choices between competing priorities, and this year we tried to capture this process using a new bracket-style question format.

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Which utilities or tools do you regularly use?

We asked members of the CSS community to share their “pick of the year”

My 2021 Pick: Miriam Suzanne

CSS is about to go from good to great. Miriam's work on Container Queries and Cascade Layers is going to revolutionize how CSS is written.

We asked members of the CSS community to share their “pick of the year”

Eric Bailey

Inclusive Design and #a11y advocate.

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Which browser(s) do you primarily work in during initial development?


The following chart provides the results of a tournament-style 8-player bracket in which respondents were tasked with picking the winner of each match-up until a single winner remained.

Library Evaluation Rankings

Which factors do you prioritize when evaluating a new library? Results are ranked by number of tournament rounds won.

Round 1 wins
Round 2 wins
Round 3 wins

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